3 benefits of hydroseeding in NW Louisiana including Shreveport and Bossier City

There are so many great benefits to hydroseeding. Below are benefits of hyrdoseeding:

  1. A less expensive alternative than sod
  2. A faster process than seeding by hand
  3. Fertilizer and mulch are applied with the seed to ensure healthy growth and prevent erosion

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Control erosion on your construction site

New construction sites are required to have a plan for controlling erosion. At Delton Services LLC, we’ll help you put your plan into action. We offer hay matting and straw matting services for general contractors. These mats protect your soil from wind and erosion. We can also plant grass on your site.

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Below are benefits of erosion control:

  1. Most job sites require an erosion control system in place
  2. Silt fencing retains sediment while still allowing drainage
  3. Straw matting can be applied to any slope no matter how severe

Serving Northwest Louisiana, Delton Services/Louisiana Lawn Service is proud to be in full compliance with the State of Louisiana, Department of Agriculture by holding the following licenses: Commercial Pesticide Applicator & Landscape Horticulturist